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kobelco solenoid valve

When  excavator appears the d-type and the e-head alarm code, such as D012, E013, all are solenoid valve problems. Know the screening methods, but don’t know the position of the solenoid valve, and what are interchangeable solenoid valve, it makes a lot of meet friends at a loss of this kind of problem, today for you to solve all these problems.

 Electromagnetic valve fault alarm troubleshooting method:
Locate the position of the solenoid valve and adjust the solenoid valve that can be exchanged next to it. If the alarm disappears, the other alarm should be generated, which should be the fault of the solenoid valve.
 In addition to the solenoid valve itself, there is also the possibility of a line problem. There is a connection between the circuit and the computer version. The service personnel are required to check the wiring harness.kobelco solenoid valve kobelco solenoid valve

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